Italian High Class Escort Girls

The popularity of Italian high class escort girls is a result of the scandal surrounding the baby squillo scandal. As the investigation continued, it was discovered that eleven clients had been fined and sentenced to one year in prison, with the exception of Floriani, who was sentenced to ten years in prison and his mother, Agnese. The baby squillo scandal sparked a new book, Professione Lolita, by Daniele Autieri, which follows a group of teenagers in the city of Paroli. A docu-film adaptation was produced in 2017, which will feature the main characters.

The men who run the escort ring are typically in their mid-thirties and young. They are typically students or housewives from lower-class backgrounds. However, one woman in the ring even made it to the semi-finals of the Miss Italy contest. The men who hired the women paid them EUR600 per visit, plus their travel expenses. In addition, the ring’s organiser took thirty percent of their earnings.

The alleged ring has been shut down by a Milan judge. The man had been living off of the earnings of 500-600 prostitutes. Most of the girls were students or housewives, but one even made it to the semi-finals of the Miss Italy contest. The clients were typically professionals who lived away from home and were willing to pay EUR600 per visit, including travel expenses. The ring’s organiser allegedly took thirty percent of the money from the women.

The men who ran the escort ring in Italy have been arrested. The ring allegedly operated between 500 and 600 women. Most of them were students and housewives, with some reaching the semi-finals. Most of the men involved were professional men who lived far away from home and were willing to pay EUR600 for the escort ring’s services. The money was split between the women, with the organiser receiving thirty percent of the money.

There are a number of different types of Italian escort girls. While many of them are able to work under the radar, the Italian escort industry has become extremely competitive. Moreover, Italian enticing women are often more expensive than their counterparts. While the women are more attractive and popular than other ages, they are still vulnerable to the dangers of prostitution. The risk of falling into a dangerous situation is not zero-zero.

Choosing an escort ring in Italy can be a difficult task. Whether you need an upscale escort ring in Milan or a more discreet one in Venice, there is a good chance that you will be able to find one in your area. The Italian enticement of high class enticement is often attributed to their appearance and their ability to make wealthy men feel at ease.